RubyMine Activation

Licence Key Link

Licence Server Address

Rubymine Activation Error

Rubymine Activation Error


Append “” to hosts file. To edit host file use sudo -i gedit /etc/hosts


RubyMine Ubuntu


Install RubyMine

  1. Download RubyMine from Source
  2. Unpack the downloaded archive:
    1. tar -xzf RubyMine-X.Y.Z.tar.gz
  3. Goto extracted folder, nevigate to ‘bin’ directory
    1. ./
  4. Open any project, goto (Tools) -> (Create Desktop Entry)

Change Rubymine Theme

  1. File -> Settings -> Appearance and Behavior -> Appearance

Remove RubyMine

  1. locate rubymine
  2. locate RubyMine
  3. rm -rf ~/.RubyMine